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Opening Time: 03:14              Venue: massec

Opening Prayer by Issaka Abass     Date:6thFebruary,2010


* How to have access to members of the school (old students)  to join the club.
* On elections, Agyemang  suggests Abass Issaka as the President of the association, seconded by Godfred and agreed by the house.
Abass  Advised that there should be some activeness in discipline, punctuality and regularity. Also  he added  , important issues should be discussed in meetings. stating Orderliness should be practised.
* Acknowledgment of each member should also be taken into consideration .
* Suggestion came in that each member of the club should help gather all member of the school to join and it can be done when each batch member takes that responsibility  and was agreed by the house.
* Other mean such as messages and other form of  contacting members should also be used.
* Sponsorship should also be sorted to help organize our programs as a very key suggestion by Abass, Was agreed by the house.
Meeting is moved to a close by Godfred  and is seconded by Rejoice.
Closing time:04:19   Time Spent:1hr5mins
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